Q: How often should I use the R&R™ Chew-brush? A: For optimal dental health, we recommend using the Chew-brush at least once a day. Regular use will help maintain clean teeth and prevent oral health issues.

Q: Is the Chew-brush suitable for all dog sizes? A: Yes, the Chew-brush is designed to accommodate dogs of all sizes. The easy-to-hold paw pads make it comfortable for small and large dogs to use.

Q: Can I use toothpaste with the Chew-brush? A: Absolutely! The Chew-brush features a toothpaste reservoir in the middle, allowing you to apply your dog's favorite toothpaste for added dental benefits. However, it can also be used without toothpaste if preferred.

Q: Is the Chew-brush safe for my dog's gums? A: Yes, the Chew-brush is specially designed with soft bristles to be gentle on your dog's gums. It effectively cleans teeth while ensuring a safe and comfortable brushing experience.

Q: How long does the Chew-brush last? A: The Chew-brush is made from durable and non-toxic natural rubber, designed to withstand vigorous chewing. While the longevity may vary depending on your dog's chewing habits, it is built to be long-lasting and provide extended dental care.

Q: How do I clean the Chew-brush? A: Cleaning the Chew-brush is easy! Simply rinse it with water and mild soap after each use. It's also dishwasher safe for added convenience.

Q: Is the Chew-brush suitable for aggressive chewers? A: Yes, the Chew-brush is designed to be durable and withstand the chewing habits of most dogs, including powerful chewers.

Q: Can the Chew-brush help with bad breath? A: Yes, the Chew-brush is effective in reducing bad breath by removing plaque and tartar that contribute to oral odor. Regular use will help freshen your dog's breath and promote better oral hygiene.

Q: Can the Chew-brush be used on puppies? A: Yes, the Chew-brush can be used on puppies as part of their oral care routine. It's never too early to start promoting good dental health habits for your furry companion.