R&R Smart Lock

Secure, Swift, and Seamless

Unlock Convenience with Cutting-Edge Security

Experience the next level of security and accessibility with our Smart Lock. This innovative solution transforms ordinary cabinets, drawers, and doors into highly secure, yet easily accessible space



🗝️ Effortless Access: Swipe your card or key fob for swift and secure unlocking
🔄 Customizable Control:
Easily add or remove cards within seconds
🔐 8.5mm stainless steel lock:
For durable and high-security protection
🏡 Fits all doors:
Seamlessly fit the compact design into various spaces, from drawers to doors, blending modern aesthetics with functionality.
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⭐ Over 5000 happy customers across USA & Europe

Don't just take our word for it check out why we maintain a 4.9 star rating from our customers

 Beatrice Thomas, Dallas TX

"Being a parent means juggling a gazillion things. The RandR Smart Lock is like my secret weapon to lock away my kids ipads and phones. it so easy to set up i was shocked! i really recommend!"

Elevate Your Security with Seamless Access

Experience advanced security with the Smart RFID Lock's RFID technology, allowing for a sensing distance of up to 5cm for cards and 3cm for key fobs. This unparalleled technology ensures versatile compatibility with various door thicknesses, offering a keyless and secure solution for your space

Versatile Installation

Enjoy the flexibility of installation with the Smart RFID Lock. Whether you choose to drill it in or attach it securely with 3M tape, the process takes just 30 seconds. Its compact size makes it suitable for various spaces, offering both security and style.


Upgrade Your Security Today

Discover a new standard of security and convenience with our Smart RFID Lock. Elevate your living or working space with advanced technology, customizable access, and peace of mind monitoring. Experience the future of access control – order your Smart RFID Lock now.