Q: What inspired the design of the RetroVibe Car Aromatherapy?

A: The design draws inspiration from classic record players, aiming to bring a touch of nostalgia and elegance to your car's interior.

Q: How does the Turbo Air Duct Technology work?

A: The turbo hollow air duct ensures a straight flow of air from the car's conditioner outlet, creating a captivating cyclone effect. This enhances the distribution of fragrance for a consistent and pleasant aroma.

Q: Can I change the fragrance of the Aromatherapy Disc?

A: Absolutely! The Aromatherapy Disc is easily replaceable. Choose from three different cover patterns to match your mood or style.

Q: Is the device easy to install?

A: Yes, it is. The device comes with four-legged clips for secure installation on various air-conditioning outlet shapes. It's designed for stability and ease of use.

Q: How durable is the RetroVibe Car Aromatherapy?

A: The product is crafted with durable aluminum alloy for critical components, ensuring longevity and robustness.

Q: Can I adjust the fragrance intensity?

A: The fragrance intensity is influenced by your car's air conditioner. However, you can easily customize the angle of the clip for your preferences.

Q: What materials are used for the construction of key components?

A: Metal bearings, stylus, and frame are made from lightweight and wear-resistant aluminum alloy, ensuring both durability and a longer lifespan.

Q: How do I sync it with my car's air conditioning?

A: Once installed, the product will rotate gracefully with the airflow from your car's air conditioner, creating a delightful aromatic experience.

Q: Are the fragrance discs reusable?

A: The fragrance discs are reusable for a month of use, and they are easily replaceable, allowing you to enjoy a variety of album covers.

Q: Can I use it in any car model?

A: The device is designed for universal compatibility and can be adjusted to fit most car air-conditioning outlets.