mg faq

Q: How does percussive therapy benefit muscle recovery? A: Percussive therapy enhances blood circulation, accelerates healing, and improves muscle function by penetrating deep into muscle fibers.

Q: Can I adjust the intensity of the massage? A: Absolutely! Our massage gun offers four adjustable intensity speeds, allowing you to customize your massage experience according to your preferences.

Q: Is the massage gun portable? A: Yes, it's designed with a lightweight and ergonomic build, making it easy to carry anywhere you need relief, whether it's at the gym, office, or home.

Q: How loud is the massage gun? A: Our Quiet Glide™ technology ensures a noise level of less than 20 decibels (dB), providing a whisper-quiet massage experience.

Q: What is the battery life of the massage gun? A: Unlike most on the market, our massage gun boasts an extended battery life of up to 10 hours on a single charge. Each package includes a USB fast charger for your convenience.