id tag

Attach to any type of collar or use as a key ring to remember your loved ones  

A blend of durability, personalization, and safety, to keep your furry friends safe and fashionable.

🔒 Anti rust - Durable stainless steel pendant for long-lasting use.
🐾 Adorable paw design adds charm to your pet's collar.
🏠 Increased safety and security for your furry friend.
😌 Peace of mind knowing your pet can be easily identified if lost.
🔗 Easy to attach to your pet's collar , key ring or backpack. 
🐶 Suitable for dogs, cats and for pet owners.
💡 Lightweight and comfortable for your pet to wear.
⌚ Timeless and classic design.
🎁 Great gift idea to remember and protect your loved ones 

✏️ Free engraving today (worth $14.99) for personalization with a name, contact information or personal message.

Discover why our customers consistently give us a glowing 5-star rating - see for yourself!


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 
Noura Nasser, UAE 
"I never thought a small tag could hold so much meaning. This R&R Tag gives me peace of mind and adds a touch of charm to my dog's collar"

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 
Nathan Leung, HK

"This little pendant is a true jewel for me, it reminds me of my late baby who was just the best ever friend i could have asked for, bought one for my mum and brother as well so they can have a small memory token with them "



🔒 Durable Stainless Steel Material: The tags are made from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring long-lasting durability and resistance to rust, even in outdoor conditions.

🛡️ Increased Safety and Security: By having your contact information readily available on your pet's ID tag, you provide an essential layer of safety and security. If your furry friend wanders off or gets lost, anyone who finds them can quickly reach out to you, reducing the time it takes to bring them back home.

🐾 Easy to Attach: The tags come with a durable metal ring that makes it easy to attach them to your pet's collar securely.

🪶 Lightweight and Comfortable: The tags are lightweight and won't weigh down your pet's collar, ensuring their comfort throughout the day.

🐶 Great Gift Idea: Our Pet ID Tags make a thoughtful and practical gift for pet owners. Show your care for their furry companions by providing them with a stylish and functional accessory.

Our Pet ID Tags are not just a fashion statement, but a vital accessory that ensures your pet's safety and provides peace of mind. 🔒


 Personalized Protection for Your Beloved Pet: With our customizable Pet ID Tags, you can engrave your pet's name, phone number, and even home address, making it easier than ever to reunite with your furry friend if they ever go missing. 🐶💖

  Can be used with dogs, or cats. Attach it to your pet's collar to ensure their safety and provide crucial contact information. Alternatively, you can use them as keychains or even as decorative accents for your bag or backpack. so you always have a memory of your loved one with you. 
Attaching our Pet ID Tags to your pet's collar or any other item is a breeze, thanks to their easy attachment design. The durable metal loop allows for a quick and secure fit, ensuring that the tag stays in place at all times. Whether you want to attach it to your pet's collar, a key ring, a backpack, or any other item, you can trust that our Pet ID Tags will stay securely fastened
Colours: Red, Pink, Silver, Navy, Blue, Green, Orange, Gold, 
Anti rust - Solid stainless steel 
3D glitter embellishment 
Key ring attachment 
One size fits all 


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