csm faq

How does the memory foam benefit my sleep?

The memory foam in our pillow offers excellent support and comfort, reducing pressure points and enhancing sleep quality. It retains its shape, ensuring a consistent and restful night's sleep.

Is the heating element safe for use?

Yes, the three-stage constant temperature heating feature is designed for safety and comfort. It provides a soothing warmth without overheating, making it safe for use during sleep.

How does the massage feature work?

The massager uses a simulated human massage technique with three-stage vibration. It promotes blood circulation, relieves muscle fatigue, and helps you relax before sleep.

Can I customize the massage and heat settings?

Absolutely! The massager is designed for customization. You can adjust the temperature and vibration intensity to suit your preferences for a truly personalized sleep experience.

What kind of pain does this pillow help relieve?

Our cervical vertebra spine massage pillow is specially designed to target cervical pain and tension, offering soothing relief. It's perfect for individuals dealing with neck or shoulder discomfort.

Is the pillow easy to clean?

The pillow has a removable and washable cover for easy maintenance. Simply remove the cover and machine wash it for a clean and hygienic experience.

Can I use the massager for relaxation during the day, or is it strictly for sleep?

You can use the massager for relaxation any time of day or night. Whether you need to unwind after a long day or prepare for a restful night's sleep, it's there to provide comfort and relaxation.

Is this pillow suitable for side sleepers?

Yes, the memory foam and massage features in the pillow make it suitable for side sleepers, offering support and relaxation for a comfortable night's sleep..

Can I travel with this massager pillow?

While it is designed primarily for home use, the portable nature of the massager allows for easy transport. If you find it comfortable and beneficial, you can certainly bring it with you when traveling or on the go.

If you have any other questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our customer support team.