Q: Is the R&R Comfort Sleeper™ Heated Belt cordless? A: Yes, it provides cordless freedom, allowing you to use and relax anytime and anywhere.

Q: How many heating modes does it offer? A: The heated belt features three heating modes: Low (45℃/113℉), Mid (55℃/131℉), and High (65℃/149℉) for fast pain relief.

Q: Can I adjust the fit of the belt? A: Absolutely, the belt comes with an adjustable fit design, offering flexibility and a custom fit for different body shapes.

Q: Which areas of the body can it target? A: It's versatile, providing relief for the waist, shoulder, abdomen, back, leg, knee, and more.

Q: Does it come with extra straps? A: Yes, the belt includes two extra straps, enhancing its portability and ensuring a secure fit.

Q: How does it relieve lower back pain? A: The belt contains memory-aluminum stays and steel springs, offering 360° stronger vertical support to the lower back.

Q: Can it be worn discreetly under clothes? A: Certainly, it's made of 4-way stretch elastic material for superior fit and comfort discreetly under clothing.

Q: Does it help prevent back injuries? A: Yes, it comes with two elastic straps designed to add extra compression, preventing back injuries during various activities.

Q: Is it suitable for all body types? A: Yes, it's suitable for women weighing 100-200 pounds (approximately 40.9-90 kilograms).

Q: How durable is the R&R Comfort Sleeper™ Heated Belt? A: The belt is built with double seams and undergoes strict quality control, ensuring exceptional durability.